Published on : December 13th 2012
Published by : CAR Cléon Normandie
From March 30th 2013
to April 1st 2013
Loire and Castles.

Driving  and visiting castles in the Touraine and the Loire Valley.


Event location
Loire and Castles. 45, Rue Gabrielle Colette 76650, Petit-Couronne France Phone: 06 43 69 44 66

With a length of about 900km, this outing  is  for vehicles able to withstand highways  and possible traffic jams on return.

All along  our journey, we will cross forests and vineyards, and why not taste ( with moderation)  wine made by passionate winemakers!

On the (small) road on way back there are  still wonders such Chenonceau and Cheverny. Finally, to close on a masterly way this tour, Chambord Castle is the ideal place  for a souvenir photo !