Published on : December 22nd 2017
From February 7th 2018
to February 11th 2018
Renault at the 2018 Retromobile Motorshow, Paris
For 120 years, Renault has made your life easier!
Event location
Renault at the 2018 Retromobile Motorshow, Paris 1, Place de la Porte de Versailles 75015, Paris France
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Renault is celebrating 120 years of "Easy Life" with a display of around twenty vehicles, each of which satisfied the needs of customers in its time, by making their lives easier.

  • A Type A from 1898, the first Renault vehicle

  • A Renault Type B from 1899, often considered as the first saloon in history

  • A Type BD postal van from 1909 with a mini post-office on board

  • A Type AG1 taxi from 1910, the fleet vehicle of the 1910s

  • A Type KJ1 from 1923, the Twingo of the 1920s

  • A Type PR coach from 1927, the Trafic SpaceClass of the 1920s

  • A Vivastella PG7 from 1933, the large road car of the 1930s

  • A Juvaquatre from 1937, the Clio of the 1940s

  • A 4CV from 1947, the first Renault to be sold in over one million units

  • A Colorale from 1950, Renault's first SUV

  • An Estafette ice cream van from 1959, the Trafic of the 1960s

  • A Renault 4 from 1961, the "blue jeans" car

  • An R8 Gordini from 1964, the sports car that helped motor sports democratization

  • A Renault 16 from 1965, a car with bold architecture and an innovative interior layout

  • An electric Renault 5 from 1974, a response to the first oil shock

  • A Renault 30 TX from 1975, or executive design as seen by Renault

  • A Renault 9 from 1981, the global car

  • A breakdown of the MPV concept: Espace (1984), Twingo (1992) and Scenic (1996)

It is also the anniversary of Renault's victory in the 1978 24 Heures du Mans event, which will be celebrated with a display of four Renault Alpine prototypes from 1978, including the winning chassis: the A442 B driven by Didier Pironi and Jean-Pierre Jaussaud.

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