Published on : April 29th 2013
From August 16th 2013
to August 18th 2013
Smålandsrundan 2013

The 30:th annual event of "Smålandsrundan". As usual the success event as it is, small or big.

Event location
Smålandsrundan 2013 10, Ärkebiskopens väg, Fjälkinge 29034 Sverige Phone: 070-757 40 17
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This year will the event take place at the very south part of Sweden, Scania. You will be driving around in an interesting and beautiful landscape.Meet us in Sweden

All information about the event will be presented at our website:

If you have any questions, please send us an email or call. We andle several languages as english, german, french and polish

With Best RegardsClub Renault 15/17 Suède