Published on : January 5th 2018
Published by : CAR Cléon Normandie
From May 26th 2018
to June 10th 2018
The Translusitanienne
Road trip about 5000 km from Rouen to Portugal (Reserved for sports vehicles with Renault mechanics).
Event location
The Translusitanienne Rouen France Phone: 0603996574
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1st day:

Rouen-Hendaye, about 900 km

2nd day:

Hendaye-Valença, about 800 km

3rd day:

Valença-Viana do Castello-Canicada, about 150 km

4th day:

Canicada-Guimaraes-Real-Pesso da Reugua Villa, about 175 km

5th day:

Pesso da Reugua-Porto about 140 km

6th day:

Porto - On-site visits

7th day:

Porto - On-site visits

8th day:

Porto-Aveiro-Figuera-Bousacco, about 200 km

9th day:

Bousacco-Tomar-Fatima-Nazare, about 160 km

10th day:

Nazare-Cascais, about 170 km

11th day:

Cascais-Sintra, visit of Lisbon

12th day and 13th day:

Lisbon tour

14th day:

Lisbon-Serra de Estrella, about 350 km

15th day:

Serra de Estrella-Hendaye, about 700 km

16th day:

Hendaye-Rouen, about 900 km