• Dolomites


    September 5th 2018

    Hello everyone,

    Last opus in the Alps, with this 5-day trip to the Dolomites.

    Program :

    30 passes in total2 days in SwitzerlandA second pass through the fabulous Stelvio2 days in the Dolomites with about 20 planned passesA return by the Monza circuit and the Mont-Cenis pass13 GT announced at the start including 2 of our faithful…
  • Le CARBu at Le Mans Classic 2018

    Le CARBu at Le Mans Classic 2018

    July 7th 2018

    On July 6, 7 and 8 The CARBu was at Le Mans Classic. A blazing sun, miles traveled, little sleep and a number of impressive vehicles. We'll do it again in two years !!

    CARBu Club Alpine Renault du Bugey
  • Univ'R1517 at the Rétro Passion Rennes

    Univ’R1517 at the Rétro Passion Rennes

    April 15th 2018

    Our club will be present as an exhibitor at the Salon Rétro Passion Rennes.

    We will be there for you to learn about everything about the R15 and R17.

    Some of our vehicles will be on display.

    Do not hesitate to visit us !

  • Alpine Renault SOMMIERES Concentration

    Alpine Renault SOMMIERES Concentration

    May 13th 2018

    Come to our Third Gathering ALPINE and RENAULT, on the Esplanade de Sommières in the GARD.

    With the participation of Jacques CHEINISSE our Guest of Honor and many figures from the world of Alpine competition.

    The benefits of this beautiful event are intended for the realization of many dreams of sick children.

  • 3rd CARBu General Assembly

    3rd CARBu General Assembly

    January 20th 2018

    We braved the cold and the storm and warmed up at Bowling Bcube in Vaux en Bugey for our 3rd General Assembly.

    A very strong participation of the members allowed us a beautiful retrospective of the year 2017 and a year 2018 rich in events.

    The evening continued around a very good meal and ended on a game…

    CARBu Club Alpine Renault du Bugey
  • Renault Owners' Club Birthday

    Renault Owners’ Club Birthday

    March 2nd 2018

    Today the Renault Owners' Club celebrates its 66th anniversary. With a subscription membership over 550 members, it is the second oldest Renault Club on the planet!

    We post a paper magazine 4 times a year often near to 70 pages.

    We have cars ranging from UK built Renault Eight (not 8 this is a UK Juvaquatre) through 760 and 750…

    Renault Owners Club
  • Learn more about our club!

    Learn more about our club!

    February 12th 2018

    Hello everyone,

    You want to know us better? Visit our website : www.anciennesrenault.com.CARdially.
    CAR Ile de France
  • 2018 Planning Project

    2018 Planning Project

    January 1st 2018
    2018 Planning Project


    Sunday 14th: Office's wishes and galette des rois - place to be defined

    MARCH :

    10th and 11th: Salon Champenois - Reims (51)


    Sunday 8 : RetroMécanic - Roncq (59)

    MAY :

    Tuesday 8:…

    Association Sportive des Alpine du Nord
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