Published on : December 8th 2014
Agenda 2015 Club ASAN
January 1st 2015


Sunday 11th

· Wishes 2015, "Galette des Rois" at Carvin


Saturday 7th

· 28e Classic Motor Show in Reims 


Sunday 12th

· 3e Exhibition in Roncq

Sunday 19th

Road trip near Valenciennes


Sundaye 17th

· Touristic rally in Pas de Calais ?


Sunday 7th

· Trip at Bromley (GB) with our friends of the RAOC club

Sunday 21th

· Karting in the morning and picnic, BBQ at Berck sur Mer


Saturday 19th

· Annual meeting Circuit  Croix en Ternois (62) (Date to be confirmed in March 2015)

Sunday 27th

· Touristic rally near Amiens


Sunday 25th

· Annual meeting ASAN


Saturday 28th

· 7th "Téléthon" at Carly 

Other event : 11/12 and13 September 2015 : 60 years of Alpine in Dieppe