Published on : October 25th 2018
Discover the Losange Magazine n°3, the magazine with everything about Renault
October 24th 2018

Losange Magazine is back!

We’re 11 years old but also brand-new ! Welcome to Losange Magazine, the periodical about everything Renault. Our formula is successful since the day it was launched in 2007 in The Netherlands and Belgium. From now on it’s now also available on the world wide web.

Renault is one of the world’s earliest motor manufacturers, with a history now spanning 120 years. In terms of engineering, innovation and design the brand had its impact on the development of the motorcar and numerous other products. Apart from that, Renault’s vehicles have always been accessible to a large audience, making many of the models become a part of the everyday life in large parts of the world.

The fact that so many people have embraced Renault has formed the backbone of the marque. It’s for them that Losange Magazine has been made in the past 11 years. By now, internet technologies have made it possible to be available digitally, too, and in a very attractive way. And so, you may read this on a desktop computer, on a tablet or a smartphone, as our platform is ‘responsive’, meaning that all the articles, pictures and features are available on any screen format. That’s one of the wonders of going digital: it offers possibilities that have outgrown print. How about sound and moving images? From now on, these will give Losange Magazine an extra dimension.

Don’t worry: our formula will be retained in the digital versions. Stories about cars, trucks, buses, tractors and all the others products that Renault has been, or still is responsible for will be retained. But there are also articles on model cars, stories about likewise enthusiasts, interviews, columns plus facts and figures. Those who have grown accustomed to Losange Magazine in the past 11 years will feel at home here. Are you new to the magazine? Then I hope your first impression will be a good one. I look forward to meeting you in future issues, which will be published four times a year.

Also: I would also like to appeal to you to actively respond to Losange Magazine. Are you the owner of a nice (classic) Renault? Are you in the possession of old photographs that come with a good story? Or do you happen to know people in your surroundings who are Renault enthusiasts and who’d like to tell about their passion? Wherever you are in the world, do send me a message on, preferably with some photographs attached to it, and you’ll hear of me.


Tony Vos, editor/publisher Losange Magazine


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