Published on : August 2nd 2018
September 5th 2018

Hello everyone,

Last opus in the Alps, with this 5-day trip to the Dolomites.

Program :

  • 30 passes in total
  • 2 days in Switzerland
  • A second pass through the fabulous Stelvio
  • 2 days in the Dolomites with about 20 planned passes
  • A return by the Monza circuit and the Mont-Cenis pass
  • 13 GT announced at the start including 2 of our faithful Dutch friends

The limestone massif of the Dolomites is classified by UNESCO since 2009. It is located in the north-east of Italy and is distinguished by its great rocky cathedrals, beautiful roads and its passes including some borrowed by the Giro.

Thanks again to FCRA for the plaques.