January 1st 2014


    - Sunday 19th : Wishes, "galette des rois" at Carvin.


    - Saturday 8th : 27e Classic motor show Champennois in Reims (by bus or convoy, to be confirmed)


    - Sunday 13th : Exhibition in Roncq


    - Sunday 18th : Touristic rally


    - Sunday 8th : Trip at…

    Association Sportive des Alpine du Nord
  • Report: The Twingo life, on Direct Auto - D8

    Report: The Twingo life, on Direct Auto – D8

    December 7th 2013

    Direct Auto Channel D8 went to meet generation Twingo association for a report on November 18, 2013, to tell the story of Twingo, during the last 20 years, and the community around this little fireball. The star is a Twingo Green Coriander of August 18, 1993, with 397  000 km! You can see the report on Saturday, December 7,…

    Génération Twingo
  • Bindings for newsletters club

    Bindings for newsletters club

    August 1st 2013

    To classify his bulletins the Frégate Club de France did make great bindings.

    They are made of imitation leather color "Empire Green" text on the back printed in gilt. System is spring-loaded string that slides in the center of the newsletter;each binder can hold 25 entries, so you have two bindings to accommodate 46…

    Frégate Club de France
  • Cylinder head bolts for Frégate

    Cylinder head bolts for Frégate

    June 13th 2013

    The cylinder head bolts of 668 and 671 engines assembled in Frégate have to support torques around 9 mkg.

    Suffering successive disassembly and assembly, these screws are growing permanently. In some cases, the redox also manages to attack severely.

    This results in a lack of clamping screws forcing not on the head but the bottom…

    Frégate Club de France


    April 28th 2013

    For this event,we will head north in order to reach the park eco-museum Saint Joseph village.

    This place, located 10 kilometers from Calais on the Opal Coast, is a reconstructed village of yesteryear performed by a family of craftsmen carpenters.

    You can discover the different trades of the past, forge, mill, school, printing,…

    club Alpine de Picardie
  • Track day Magny-Cours F1

    Track day Magny-Cours F1

    April 12th 2013

    The RS TEAM proposes you for the first time a track day on the legendary circuit of Magny-Cours F1 on Friday,April 12.

    See all information here

    Price is 240 € .

    If you enjoy ride optimal conditions (no free riding assignment) and a friendly atmosphere, this output is for you.


  • The Renaissance of one 8 cylinders

    The Renaissance of one 8 cylinders

    February 15th 2013

    One of our members restores a Nervasport type TG5 of 1932. Here is the renewed frame, until he  finds the body which goes above. And on Friday, February 15th, the engine again gave some voice.

    To listen to it, follow this link: www.dailymotion.com / swf / video / xxlpa2.

    More information on this automobile by…

    Les Renault d'Avant Guerre
  • Salon of Reims - 9 et 10 mars

    Salon of Reims – 9 et 10 mars

    March 9th 2013

    The 4L-R6 club of France will be present on its stand on the occasion of the 26th edition of the  Vehicles of Collection Salon  in Champagne. It is the occasion to discover the club which will be happy to offer you the glass of friendship.

    4L-R6 Club de France
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