Published on : November 13th 2015
R5 GT Turbo 30th anniversary
November 7th 2015

The celebration of the  R5 GT Turbo 30th anniversary met in the historic and renovated Jarama Circuit a hundred units of the model on day 7 November.

Organized by the Club R5 GT Turbo and “Tandas Privadas", the event has been exceptional, not only for the spring weather, but also by the large number of participants from different parts of the peninsular and insular geography, the condition of almost all there of, the atmosphere in the circuit and the satisfaction expressed by the participants.

After parking the car in the place reserved and after the mandatory reception accreditation of participants and guests, attendees gathered the gifts prepared by the organization and had the opportunity to observe vehicles and talk with their owners.

The important part of the anniversary day started with the usual briefing prior to the two sessions planned to drive in the circuit. Immediately proceeded to make parade around the circuit for the group photo.

After meal proceeded to the awards ceremony memorial of the day, which ended at the hands of the following proud owners: -Farther R5 GT Turbo: Esteban Fanals (Balearic Islands) -R5 GT Turbo over km: Gonzalo Nieto (Valladolid) -Best R5 GT Turbo Phase I: Jose G. Adolfo (Collado Villalba) -Best R5 GT Turbo Phase II: Jesus Tardón (Madrid) -Best Racing R5 GT Turbo Phase I: Manuel Valle (Colmenar Viejo) -Best Racing R5 GT Turbo Phase II: Unai Gomez (Beasain) -Older R5 GT Turbo: Esteban Martin (Pinto)

In addition to the celebration of the 30th anniversary, all participants and guests were able to witness the RACE Touring Car Championship held during the morning and by the afternoon with the cars of "Tandas Privadas" Track days

From the Club R5 GT Turbo, we thank the attendees and "Tandas Privadas" for their participation and collaboration, essential to the success of the day.

Sponsored by workshops Leirauto, MTA Motorsport, Autosae, Sistemas Dentales, Rotec and Empubli, whose collaboration has made possible the same.