Published on : December 13th 2017
Renault Classic Buenos Aires: Presentation in Society
October 1st 2017

In the first days of the month of October of 2017 we were invited to participate in one of the most important competitions of the automotive calendar of South America: the "200Km of Buenos Aires of Super TC2000". Special date of the most technological category of tourism cars in the region, accompanied by the most important category in Brazil: Stock Car.

The frame at the Autodromo Oscar and Juan Galvez of the City of Buenos Aires was propitious for us to have a baptism of fire in the best possible way, and it was!

A selection of the best vehicles was responsible for representing the group in the best possible way : Renault Fire, Renault 19 16V, Renault 4 parissine (replica), Renault 5 GTL, Renault Gordini, Renault 9, Rambler Ambassador 990 Cross Country, IKA-Renault Torino, IKA-Renault 12, Renault 18 GTX II Limited Edition.

I thank all the people who came to visit us!