Highly atypical of the Renault range, Renault Spider was a no-compromise sports car that deliberately eschewed any attempt at comfort to go all out for pure motoring sensation. 

RENAULT SPIDER stationary front view

The allure of a sports car

Renault Spider made a big impact when it appeared at the Geneva Motor Show in 1995. Under the Renault Sport badge, it called to mind the Alpine series of no-compromise sports models. A slender, rugged profile exuded an unmistakable sense of raw power and sporting elegance. The Trophy version of Renault Spider excelled on the open road or the race track with its lightweight aluminium chassis. 

RENAULT SPIDER with driver

A bit of cheekiness

In the purest roadster tradition, Spider was minimalist in the extreme, with bucket seats, roll hoops, and no power steering, ABS or heating. And it was tremendously effective,


packing the performance of an Alpine A610 in a feather-light car weighing about the same as a Twingo! It offered hard-line enthusiasts sensational acceleration, braking and road-holding without the budget of a competition racer. Renault Spider even teased prestige Lamborghini and Bugatti owners with its beetle-wing doors.

RENAULT SPIDER on race track
RENAULT SPIDER yellow side view

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