1. Welcome on Renault Classic !  

Renault is pleased to welcome you on this new website. We have worked in cooperation with the Alpine and Renault clubs to offer you this brand new platform where you will be able to exchange between Renault Classic, fans and the Alpine and Renault clubs.  

The website contains information on the events and activities of Renault Classic and the clubs as well as various tools and services and information on the Renault collection.

This website will also be what you make of it. I would therefore encourage you to contribute to the website so that all of the information concerning your club, such as its news and projects, can appear on it.

 For that, you just have to create an account by clicking here: www-preprod.renaultclassic.com or by clicking on “Login” in the top right-hand corner.

 Enjoy browsing the new website!

2. Do i have to register and how do i register?  

There is no obligation!

In fact, you can visit the Renault Car Collection and Tools and Services without registering with the site. You can also search for clubs, events and news related to Renault Classic and its fan clubs.

However, many benefits come with registration:

  • The benefit for members is staying informed about what is happening with clubs and finding out about upcoming events related to the car model(s) in the Renault collection that you care about.
  • The benefits for a club are joining the Renault Classic site and becoming part of the network of clubs and collectors. And sharing your events (link to the Club Events page) and news (link to the Club News page) with the whole Renault Classic community. And promoting relationships with other clubs.
3. How do i list my club in the directory?  

To join the community, register your club by clicking on "Login"

Carefully enter the contact information for your club and describe it in a few words.

Note: Remember to tick the box "I hereby authorize Renault Classic to post data about my club on the website", otherwise your club will not appear in the directory.

4. How do i change my personal or club information?  

As a collector:
To update your personal information, simply return to your profile page by clicking on "Login" (http://en.renaultclassic.com/connexion/) and entering your password.You then arrive at your profile page, where you can change your information.

As a club:
You can return to your account at any time by using the "Login"  link at the top of the page or by clicking on your login ID which appears at the top of all the pages on the site. When you click on it, the screen displays all the information entered which you can change.

Note: If the fields are greyed out and non-editable, this means that your account has not yet been validated by our team and therefore has not yet been published to the site.
It is not possible to change your user name; if you want a new user name, you must create a new account.

5. I forgot my password  

During registration, if you no longer remember your password.

Simply click on "Forgot your password?" 

Enter the e-mail address with which you registered on the site and click on "Reset my password".

You will receive an e-mail enabling you to enter a new password.

6. How do i create an event for my club ?  

We have created a tutorial to help you: Upload  

7. How do i create a news for my club ?  

We have created a tutorial to help you: Upload 

8. I cannot upload an image/logo for my news item or my event  

Your image files must not be larger than 2 Mb and cannot exceed 78 x 139 pixels.

Also, we recommend that you upload files in the .JPEG format.

9. Why is my news item or event not listed on the site?  

Once you have created a news listing or event using your club account , the content must be approved by our team for publication on the site.

The Renault Classic team will handle publication promptly.

10. How can i receive the vehicle information i am interested in by e-mail?  

Whether you are a club or a collector, you will be notified of news and events in the Renault Classic community as soon as you choose your "brand" and "model" preferences.

You can change these criteria at any time by adjusting your profile: either by clicking on "login" or, if you are already logged in, by clicking on your user name in the top right of all the pages on the site.

You will then access a page where you can select one, several or all Renault and Alpine vehicles for which you want to receive news and event notices.

11. How do i subscribe to or unsubscribe from the newsletter?  

Simply access your account by clicking on "login".

Below your personal information, there is a "Newsletter" box: simply tick or untick this box to determine whether you receive the newsletter.

12. I want to delete my account  

Click on the "Contacts"  link and send us your deletion request; we will respond promptly.

13. I read the faqs, but i still cannot find the answer to my question!  

Click on the "Contacts"  link and send us your question; we will respond promptly.