RENAULT has opened this “” website (© RENAULT 2012 – all reproduction and representation rights reserved) to keep its users personally informed (hereafter referred to as the “Site”). By means of the website, RENAULT is making available to its users, at no cost, an environment that enables them to access information concerning the RENAULT Classic Department, RENAULT heritage, the collection of RENAULT vehicles of the RENAULT clubs and collectors, inter alia.

RENAULT Classic is the RENAULT department responsible for enhancing, protecting, restoring and preserving the company’s car collection. Its purpose is to enhance and use the RENAULT collection within the context of a development strategy aimed at reinforcing the company’s image and culture. To this end, RENAULT Classic regularly presents to the public unique pieces from its collection and works closely with the network of RENAULT Clubs and private collectors.

Use of the Website is subject to compliance with the terms of access and use that are explained in detail below (“General Conditions“) and with all applicable laws and regulations. When you access, browse and use the website, you unconditionally agree to the General Terms.


  1. General information 
  2. Access to the website/Password
  3. Intellectual property 
  4. Liability 
  5. Protection of Personal Data 
  6. Content/Security
  7. Suspension or limitation of access
  8. Applicable law 
  9. Updates of legal notices

1.General information

The Website has been set up and published by RENAULT s.a.s., a French simplified joint stock company with a share capital of €533,941,113. Registered with the Nanterre Register of Companies under no. B 780 129 987, with its registered office at 13-15 quai Alphonse Le Gallo, 92100, BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT (hereafter referred to as “RENAULT“).

Publication Director: Arnaud Delebecque
Editorial manager: Hugues Portron
Functional manager: Martine Faller-Karoubi
Design, realization, exploitation : Tequila Rapido
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©Renault – 2015

2.Access to the website/Password

Access to this Site is open to the public. All the areas of this site are open to the public except for sections that are reserved exclusively for the Clubs of their members. In order to access services intended for the clubs and their members you must have been specifically authorised to do so by RENAULT at the end of the registration period described below. The Website does not have a commercial role or purpose. The primary role of this Site is to enable fans of the RENAULT brand and collectors to find out about the activities of RENAULT Classic and activities of other member Clubs.
Access to the services presented on the website may be subject to restrictions. You must therefore verify that the laws in the country from which the connection is established authorise you to access our Website
In order to register your Club as a member, first of all you will have to create a personalised account by registering a login e-mail address (“identifier”) and a password.

You alone are responsible for maintaining the confidential nature of your password and for any actions that may be taken with your account and/or password. To this end, you (a) shall accept liability for the security and/or use of you password, (b) must not reveal you password to a third-party, (c) must not authorise any natural person to use your password (d) must use the Website in accordance with the General Conditions and other documents integrating the General Conditions or mentioned in this document. You undertake to immediately notify RENAULT of any unauthorised use of your account and/or password and to log off whenever you finish a session.

RENAULT will not, under any circumstance, be responsible for the management and/or monitoring of the user’s password.

RENAULT reserves the right to be able to amend or delete any publications by the Clubs the content of which is judged to be inappropriate.

3.Intellectual property rights

3.1 Copyright and/or Rights regarding the Designs and Models.

This Website constitutes a piece of work of which RENAULT is the author, as defined by articles L. 111.1 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code. The photographs, texts, slogans, pictures, images and animated sequences, both with and without sound, as well as all works included on the Website, are the property of RENAULT or of third-parties who have authorised RENAULT to use them.

The vehicle models represented on the website are protected by copyright and articles L.511.1 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code relating to the protection of registered models. Reproductions or representations in any format, and in particular in paper or digital formats, of works from the Website provided to you, protected under copyright and/or the rights concerning Designs and Models, are authorised as long as they are strictly for information purposes only, excluding any use for commercial and/or information purposes, and/or as long as they comply with the provisions of article L 122-5 of the intellectual property code.

With the exception of the above provisions, any reproduction, representation, use or modification, regardless of the process and medium, of all or part of the website, and of all or part of the various works and vehicle models on the website, without having obtained prior authorisation from RENAULT, is strictly prohibited and represents an infringement of copyright punishable by three years in prison and a fine of €300,000.

3.2.Trademark rights

The RENAULT name, the RENAULT logo (diamond), the names of RENAULT vehicles and related products and services are registered trademarks of RENAULT.
Other trademarks may also be mentioned; in principle they shall be identified with a capital letter. They are used by RENAULT either with the authorisation of their owner, or in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code.

The reproduction, imitation, use or affixing of these trademarks without obtaining prior authorisation from RENAULT or their respective owners represents an infringement of copyright punishable by three years in prison and a fine of €300,000. Subject to the provisions of these legal notices, users shall not copy, modify or reproduce in any form the information and components appearing on the website, or carry out work on the website, or act in a way that infringes the intellectual property rights of Renault and of third-parties who have authorised RENAULT to use them. The use of an intellectual property right belonging to RENAULT or a third-party that has authorised RENAULT to use it that is not expressly authorised by these legal notices is strictly prohibited.

3.3.User Content

In particular, User Content means all photographs, text, slogans, designs, images, and animated sequences with sound that each user may put on line via the website.

The user alone is responsible for the User Content that he/she places on line, as well as the text and/or opinions that he/she writes. In particular, the user shall make sure that these data do not infringe the legitimate interests of third-parties of any kind. To this end, the user shall indemnify RENAULT against any claim, based directly or indirectly on these comments and/or data, which is likely to be brought against RENAULT. In particular, the user shall accept liability for any amounts, of any kind, resulting from a third-party’s claim against RENAULT, including lawyer fees and legal costs.

RENAULT reserves the right to delete all or part of the User Content, at any time and for any reason whatsoever, without prior notice or explanation. The user cannot assert any claim on this ground.


You shall use this Site under your sole and full liability and you shall undertake to comply with the provisions of this website as well as all the rues governing the use of the Website and all the laws and regulations in force that apply to use of the Website.

Under no circumstances may RENAULT and its affiliated companies be held liable for direct or indirect damage, and particularly material loss, loss of data or programs or financial loss resulting from the access to or use of this Website and of any related websites.

The content or any other element that you register on the Website, must not under any circumstances:

  • infringe the stipulations of these general Conditions;
  • contain viruses, etc. that could damage the Website or keep it from working properly, 
  • be false, inaccurate or deceptive, 
  • be dishonestly acquired or violate the rights of a third-party, 
  • infringe applicable codes and laws, 
  • contain harassment elements, or elements that are harmful, defamatory, violent, vulgar, obscene, hateful or that may be criticised from a racial or ethnic point of view, or that are contrary to public decency, or that may infringe on respect for individuals and their dignity, or on the protection of minors, 
  • damage the internal and external brand image of RENAULT and its affiliated companies.

In your capacity as user, you shall undertake to not (a) infringe RENAULT’s intellectual property rights (see clause 3 above), (b) infringe the General Conditions of the Website (c) allow the reproduction without authorisation of all or part of the Website or information exchanged by its intermediary, (d) authorise access to the Website or a service, or their use by or for a third-party (e) use the Website in a fraudulent, illegal or unauthorised manner, (f) delete, hide or damage a notice about copyright, a trade mark or notices about property rights added or contained in the Website and the services.

Consequently, in your capacity as user you shall indemnify RENAULT against any claims, requests for compensation or damages arising from or relating to an action or omission relating to use of the Website, particularly in the cases referred to in this clause.

The Site’s content is presented with no guarantees. The information and services that may be accessed via the Website are provided as is. RENAULT can, in light of the circumstances, take all measures that it deems necessary or appropriate concerning the use of the Website and its services by you and the content that you provide. In particular, RENAULT may interrupt, limit, suspend, prohibit, totally or partially, access to the Website, without notice or compensation, if you behave in a way or engage in activities prohibited by the applicable laws and regulations or the these General Conditions.

RENAULT reserves the right to withdraw, at any time, the content that you have provided or the information that you have published on the Website if it believes that this content or information infringes the applicable laws and regulations and/or the General Conditions.

5.Data protection

You may consult information about the use of your personal data on the Personal data page.


RENAULT shall do its utmost to make the Website a secure environment. In order to make the Website as secure as possible, RENAULT needs your help. By accepting to use the Website, you specifically undertake to:

  • not send or publish commercial messages or advertisements (like undesirable messages); 
  • not access the Website using automatic means (such as robots, web spiders etc.); 
  • not carry out marketing or other pyramid-type activities;
  • not download viruses or other malicious codes;
  • not request connection information and not access an account belonging to another user;
  • not intimidate or harasses other users;
  • not publish content that is menacing, inciting hatred or violence, of a pornographic nature or containing nudity or violence;
  • not publish correspondence making reference to any form of proselytism or propaganda (religious, politics etc.); 
  • not develop, or use an application containing or promoting content linked to alcoholic drinks or for adults (including advertisements) without restricting access on the basis of age; 
  • not offer competitions or lotteries; 
  • not use the Website for illicit, illegal, malicious or discriminatory purposes;
  • not act in a manner that may deactivate or otherwise prevent the proper functioning of the RENAULT’s service and IT systems;
  • not publish or display financial information concerning anyone else or RENAULT;
  • not place a link sharing button on a page that has content that breaches these General Conditions;
  • not permit or encourage breaches of these General Conditions.

You undertake to not publish content or carry out anything on the Website that may infringe the rights of another person or otherwise breach the applicable legislation.

7.Suspension or limitation of access

RENAULT may suspend or limit your access to the Website at any time and at its will (a) in the event of a technical problem or (b) at any time and without notification, if you breach your obligations under these General Conditions, or if you behave in a way or undertake activities that are prohibited by the applicable laws and regulations or the General Conditions (c) at any time and without notice, if in your capacity as user, you infringe the spirit of the General Conditions or you create a potential for prosecution against RENAULT. This list of events or actions leading to the possibility for RENAULT to suspend or limit your access cannot be considered enumerative or restrictive.

8.Applicable law/Jurisdiction clause

Unless otherwise provided by the legislation of the user’s country – such as a police law – the Website, its content and all the rights and obligations of the parties generated by the Website or related to it, are subject to French legislation and shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with the latter. Any dispute relating to the Website and access to and use of the Website must follow an attempt to reach an amicable settlement between the parties, before being referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of PARIS to which you attribute the exclusive right to issue decisions, notwithstanding the multiplicity of respondent parties or compensation claims from third-parties.

9.Updating of the general terms

RENAULT reserves the right to modify and update access to the site and the General Terms at any time. These modifications and updates must be taken into account by the user who must as a consequence regularly refer to this section to verify the applicable General Terms.

10. Language

These General Conditions have been drawn up in French. In the event of a conflict between a translation of the General Conditions and the original version of this document, it is the latter, drawn up in French, that shall prevail.

Updated on 28 September 2012