Renault Estafette campervan is exhibited at the Düsseldorf Caravan Show

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New addition to the collection

Renault reveals its vision of nomadism at the legendary Caravan Show in Düsseldorf (Germany).


On the Renault stand is a lovely 1977 Estafette campervan.


This dashing new addition to the Renault Classic collection demonstrates the brand's long-standing expertise in tailor made design.


It accompanies the new Hippie Caviar Hotel show car unveiled exclusively at the show.

  • Hippie Caviar Hotel

Hippie Caviar Hotel, inspired by the 60's

With Hippie Caviar Hotel, Renault is reinventing the world of campervans, introducing a hippie-chic vision inspired by the 1960s. The show car design includes a bed that extends outwards through the rear hatch, to take in the open countryside, and a roof terrace to feel the winds of freedom. For the 5-star hotel experience, plans to include drone meal deliveries to the front of the roof and even a concierge service are being considered!

  • New Trafic SpaceNomad

New Trafic SpaceNomad, for freedom aficionados!

But the real descendant of this pretty Estafette is the brand new Renault Trafic SpaceNomad, also presented at the Düsseldorf Caravan Show and which will be available on certain European markets at the beginning of 2022. The new Trafic SpaceNomad, designed by French campervan converter Pilote, is available in two lengths with seating for four or five people. Thanks to its folding roof, it has two large beds as well as a shower and a kitchenette to adapt to all types of travel, with no accommodation constraints.


Renault's history in the campervan world is still being written!


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