Published on : January 9th 2015
From January 30th 2015
to February 4th 2015
2015 Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique
Renault enters two Renault 16 and two Renault 12 Gordini for the 2015 Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique.
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2015 Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique Monaco
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 As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the famous Renault 16, Team Renault Classic has entered two R16 TSs for the 18th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique.

In total, four Team Renault Classic crews will line up to start the event in Reims, northeastern France, on January 30. The finish in Monaco is scheduled for the night of February 3-4. 

The four Team Renault Classic crews are:

N°1 (Renault 12 Gordini): Jean Ragnotti and his co-driver Michel Duvernay, winner of the 1981 French Renault Cross Elf Cup and 1986 Renault 5 GT Turbo Cup.
N°12 (Renault 12 Gordini): Alain Serpaggi, navigated by Jean-Pierre Prevost.
N°16 (Renault 16 TS): ex-Formula 1 driver Michel Leclère. The winner of the 1969 Premier Pas Dunlop Gordini Cup will be joined in the car by Laurent Lamat and Gilles Dubois, winners of a competition organised by FCRA (Fédération Française des Clubs Renault et Alpine).
N°18 (Renault 16 TS): Thierry Emptas and Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique regular François Forgeoux.


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