Published on : December 19th 2014
From February 4th 2015
to February 8th 2015
Renault at the 2015 Retromobile Motorshow, Paris


Renault will celebrate two anniversaries during the Retromobile 2015 motor show

Event location
Renault at the 2015 Retromobile Motorshow, Paris Porte de Versailles 75015, Paris France
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  • The 50th anniversary of the Renault 16
    The first statutory model with a hatchback would go on to delight families and be very successful with almost two million cars sold. Various generations of family cars “voitures à vivre” will be honoured for the occasion. 
  • The sixty-year anniversary of the Alpine brand, celebrating sixty years of sports car enthusiasm.


In 700 m² of exhibition space, visitors will ​​be able discover:

  • 7 Renault 16, including a US version and a 1963 prototype.
  • 2 pre-war family cars (Type G from 1902 and Type NN from 1925)
  • 2 Concept cars: Scenic (1991) and R'Space (2011) illustrating the recent proposals for cars to be enjoyed as a family.
  • 3 Alpine: from the first Alpine to the most recent, including the emblematic A110 (in a rare Interlagos version).