Published on : July 28th 2012
From October 20th 2012
to October 21st 2012
World Series by Renault Catalunya (Spain)

Renault Classic is once again taking an active part in this motor sport event where participation is free and open to all.

Event location
World Series by Renault Catalunya (Spain) Circuit de Catalunya 08160, Montmeló Espagne
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This year, in addition to the numerous events normally on offer, you will have the chance to join Renault for an intensive course centred on the competition and discover the different vehicles that make up the collection. Jean Ragnotti will also be partaking of the adventure with his Maxi and will be accompanied during his performance by a flotilla of racing Renault 5s to celebrate the model's 40th year. And as always we will be there to welcome you, along with your vehicle, to the race-meet.