Published on : October 4th 2019
Losange Magazine – 7th Edition
October 4th 2019

Losange Magazine was born in 2007 out of pure passion for the Renault brand: Tony Vos, publisher and chief editor, caught the Renault bug at the tender age of nine. In addition to launching this magazine more than 12 years ago, he has written a number of books on various Renault subjects.

Since 1st May 2018, there has also been a digital version of Losange Magazine. It is available in French, English and Dutch. The content of the paper-based magazine can now be seen on computers, tablets and smartphones. The range of subjects varies greatly and all past and current Renault products are covered: cars, vans, lorries, buses, tractors, planes, trains, etc. Like the paper version of Losange Magazine, the digital version is released four times a year. The magazine can be viewed free of charge on the following sites: (French), (English) and (Dutch).

The booklets of different models can also be downloaded on the digital version. In addition, various articles are accompanied by a video.

You can now subscribe to the newsletter. The newsletter is sent out four times a year just after the latest issue goes online so that Renault enthusiasts do not miss a thing.

There are already five issues online and the sixth issue was recently released!

A lot of attention to the history of Renault's turbo engine. The editors drove the Renault 9 and Fuego Turbo. In addition, an interview with turbopionniers Jean Ragnotti and Jean-Pierre Jabouille. The editor also took the wheel of the Spanish Renault 8 TS and noted all the differences with the French version.

This new edition also dives into the history of the Renault 12 Break Sinpar 4x4, a transformed version that was produced in small quantities.

You can find, in a detailed article, a comparison between a Renault Twingo from the very first generation and the new Twingo III.

Losange Magazine also participated in two major events, 4L International and the 50th anniversary of the Renault 12.

This issue includes test drives of the new Zoe and the Duster TCe 130. The usual sections on Renault miniatures, little treasures, postcards and the caricatural drawings of “P’tit Louis” can also be found.

To consult this new edition : Losange Magazine N°7