Published on : January 13th 2020
Losange Magazine – 8th Edition
January 13th 2020

The eighth digital edition of Losange Magazine is now online. Once again, the free magazine offers a wide variety of articles on various historic and current Renault models.

The editors were given the opportunity to photograph the original Renault Floride from Princess Grace of Monaco on a unique, royal location. Losange Magazine drove the Renault 5 Alpine Turbo from the Renault Classic collection on a circuit. A beautifully restored copy of the Renault 4CV received the necessary attention, just like a special Renault tractor with gas generator from 1941. 

In the new issue of Losange Magazine, readers are introduced to all five generations of the Renault Clio. The first edition was launched exactly thirty years ago. Near Langres we found one of the last SAVIEM SG2 models with a body for furniture transport from Teilhol.

Driving the very first Renault Espace gives a new perspective on space. Losange Magazine also highlights the Renault 9 produced in Colombia and we delve into the development history of the Magnum truck and the 50 year old Renault 12.

A special story is about the rare Celtastandard from 1937 which had only two owners so far. With a contribution about the Alpine M64, a driving impression of the brand new Captur II and well-known sections with short news, the cartoon, miniature models and old postcards, number 8 is again a well-stocked edition.

To consult this new edition : Losange Magazine n°8