Published on : September 25th 2012
Welcome on Renault Classic website!
October 3rd 2012

Renault is pleased to welcome you on this new website. We have worked in cooperation with the Alpine and Renault clubs to offer you this brand new platform where you will be able to exchange between Renault Classic, fans and the Alpine and Renault clubs.

The website contains information on the events and activities of Renault Classic and the clubs as well as various tools and services and information on the Renault collection.

This website will also be what you make of it. I would therefore encourage you to contribute to the website so that all of the information concerning your club, such as its news and projects, can appear on it.

For that, you just have to create an account by clicking here  or by clicking on “Login” in the top right-hand corner.

Enjoy browsing the new website!