• Renault Nervasport of the Monte-Carlo Rally, 2016
    © Bernard Canone
  • Renault 40 CV des records and other vehicles, 2016
    © Bernard Cannone
  • 60th anniversary of Etoile Filante and Renault Dauphine in Bonneville, 2016 © Bernard Canone

Renault brings its history to life

The Renault Collection includes more than 760 vehicles illustrating the inventiveness and know-how of the firm which began its life in 1898 in Boulogne-Billancourt. Along with this collection is a mine of documentation and factual history held on several thousand linear meters of archives, more than 3,200 miniatures and games, 1,900 posters, sundry objects and some 270 1/5 scale mock-ups.

A living collection, it is preserved, maintained and used by the Renault Classic department which shows it regularly during exhibitions, fairs, historic races, press and television documentaries and sporting events throughout Europe (World Series by Renault, Le Mans Classic, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Motorshow Automobile, etc.). In this way, more than 5 million people have come into contact with vehicles in the Renault Collection during the 14 events held in 2018.

  • Renault workshop’s life: Let’s go for some sport, 2018
    © Renault Communication
  • Renault Classic Collection, 2018
    © Yannick Brossard
  • Jean Ragnotti at Rétromobile in the Estafette Glacier, 2018
    © Renault Communication

Ongoing exchanges with privileged partners:

The associative network
Coordinating Collectors Clubs by organising or taking part in historic events (Epoqu’Auto, the Lohéac second-hand car sale (Autobrocante), etc.) by providing support with Club events, offering access to certain events at preferred rates (Le Mans Classic) and issuing regular bulletins to promote events that Renault Classic is taking part in.

The Brand’s sales network :
Providing assistance with Open Days, new model launches or even at events that the network is party to by making available vehicles from the collection.

Media, historians and authors :
Making historical materials available in the context of a specific research project, making cars available for photo or film shoots or even organising discovery days to allow people to find out more about vehicles in the collection.

  • FCRA celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Renault 5 Alpine Group 2 in Lohéac © Renault Communication
  • Losange Passion International  © Renault Communication
  • Rétromobile, 2018 © Denis Meunier

Some key figures

  • A team of 14 people
  • Over 14 events a year
  • More than 500 vehicles uses on the various events every year
  • More than 5,000,000 people admiring the Renault collection vehicles every year
  • Over 2,550 collectors and 277 clubs run in Europe