Formule 1 RS01

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Formule 1 RS01

In Formula One, Renault revolutionized the Grand Prix racing by being the early adopter for turbocharged engine technology, an audacious choice that paid off.

When Renault started off in Formula One racing, in 1977, the regulations offered engine manufacturers two choices : setting a 3000 cc limit for normally aspirated engines and a 1500 cc limit on turbocharged units. For the first time in the Grand Prix history, Renault opted for the second solution. The company decided to race with a V6 turbo. Rival stables looked askance as the funny little French contender performed its first few laps at Silverstone on 17 July. Indeed, the Renault racer soon earned itself the nickname of “little yellow teapot”, because of the engine’s propensity to sputter to a halt in a huge cloud of smoke. At the beginning, chronic reliability problems forced the driver Jean-Pierre Jabouille into an embarrassing series of drop-outs, leaving Ferrari to dominate the season from start to finish.

After that, things get better with Renault’s daring technological choice paying off big-time. Victory at Le Mans in 1978 was followed in 1979 by Jean-Pierre Jabouille claiming the French Grand Prix in Dijon, at the wheel of his RS11.

Daunted by this successful performance, the other stables were quick to follow Renault’s lead. And, by 1983, turbocharged engines had become the norm. Renault had been right all along!

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