Renault 10 Major

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Renault 10 Major

The Renault 10 was the last in the line of the rear-wheel-drive models begun with the 4 CV.

The Paris Motor Show  in 1965 was an important event for Renault, which was exhibiting the Renault 10 Major alongside the new Renault 16. The Renault 10 was based on the same platform as the Renault 8, but with extended front and rear, to accommodate a larger luggage compartment. Special attention had been given to the finishes, for enhancing appeal to comfort-conscious customers.

An automatic version, with three-speed transmission, appeared in 1966. And, the first facelift came a year later : the car handled rectangular headlamps, very much in tune with period design norms, and lower rear lamp units. Following this upgrade, the Renault 10 became Renault’s biggest seller among women motorists. In 1969, the Renault 10 Major 's engine was replaced by a more powerful 1300 cc unit, carried over from the new Renault 12. As front-wheel drive was phased in across the Renault range, the Renault 10 would inevitably be discontinued, and it left the catalogue in 1971. One year later, arrival of the Renault 5 would open up a whole new era.

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