Renault 12 Abidjan Nice

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Renault 12 Abidjan Nice

Launched as a family saloon destined to take over from the popular Renault 8, the Renault 12 soon had an estate version.

It would also be transformed into a racing car, both on the track with the "Coupe Gordini" and in rallies where it would achieve several exploits.

It would be the hero of certain special performances. In Argentina for example, where it was produced, it would win a scratch of the "Vuelta a la America del Sur" (Tour of South America) after 30,000 kilometres completed in 39 days with two heroes, the driver Jorge Recalde and an R12 TL saloon which was almost a standard production model.

Soon after, Jean-Claude Bertrand decided to organise a mad trek which he called the "Côte-Côte" between Abidjan and Nice. Jean-Claude Briavoine, entered with a Renault 12 estate which he got Sinpar to convert into a 4-wheel drive. He finished 3rd behind two Range Rovers.

In 1977, he will be first in the ranking all category.

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