Renault 12

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Renault 12
The Renault 12, with its generally smooth and elegant line, was destined to appeal to a wide range of international customers. The accent was also placed on strength by any standard, and on the simplicity of the parts which made it up, to enable the network, even in the least developed places, to offer comprehensive after-sales service. It was necessary to offer the user the lowest possible operating cost, and to achieve an attractive price when compared with rivals.
The Renault 12 structure was even then designed on the basis of safety (resistance to frontal, rear and side impact). It was the company’s fifth front-driven design, a technology of which Renault would become the world’s leading protagonist. It was a technology which it did not hesitate to test in competition, as was the case with the Renault 12 Gordini. Among the achievements of this last version, one still unbeaten record, that of the 1971 Cape-Algiers event.
Over 4 million examples were built, not only in France but also in Spain, Argentina, Roumania, and in Turkey.

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