Renault 14

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Renault 14

In the early 1970s, the Renault 12 was Renault’s mid-range car. What was missing was a hatchback, Renault’s trademark. There was no new model since the launch of the Renault 16. In 1976, the Renault 14 filled that gap.

Even today, the Renault 14 is remembered by all as the “pear-shaped” car. As a matter of fact, the particularly innovative advertising campaign to launch the car, which used the new tease approach, compared its rounded forms to those of a pear.

If the Renault 14 advertising break new ground, so did also its powertrain. For the first time, a Renault car was driven by a transversely-mounted powertrain. Engineered in partnership with Peugeot which use this technology for its 104, this technique saved substantial space. Interior design produced a roomier cabin, increased luggage space, improved accessibility, and a clearer view of the dashboard and controls. The Renault 14 came in several versions, the most powerful of which was the TS (69hp).

Production came to a halt in 1983, as a result of the growth in popularity of the Renault 9 and 11.

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