Renault 17

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Renault 17

In a coupé, looks are crucial. The Renault 15 and the Renault 17 were originally released together in 1971, then restyled in 1976—again together—allowing buyers to choose the lines they liked best.

How do you prefer your coupé? Family-friendly, discreet, big windows? Then the Renault 15 is the one for you. If you're in the market for something more striking, with a sportier, flashier look, then go for the Renault 17, with its broad, eye-catching roll arch. Although both were constructed on the same mechanical foundations as the Renault 12 saloon, in 1971 Renault succeeded in creating two coupés with clearly distinct personalities. That's an advantage they continued to offer after they were thoroughly restyled in February 1976.

With a wider range of equipment and a more powerful engine, the Renault 17 came closer to the top of the range. This Renault 17 TS version in particular, as it came equipped with the bigger, more powerful engine of the Renault 16 TX. It's also the only model that came in a convertible version, with an original electric soft-top or removable hard-top roof. The 1976 generation also has a more refined passenger compartment. "Wing" seats with visible cushions were better ergonomically, providing the occupant with more support. This is an important car in the history of Renault; the first front-wheel-drive coupé.

This particular version comes with an electric soft-top roof.

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