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Renault Fuego

Fuego. With this fiery, snappy name, Renault maintained the tradition of the semi-sports coupé which combined the comfort of a saloon with an elegant styled exterior.

When designing a coupé automakers sometimes hesitate between two extremes: they either conceive a totally new car – like sports-type brands do – or build on an existing model. Since the Caravelles and Renault 15 and 17, Renault has chosen the middle way with brand new bodies based on a single saloon platform. Launched in 1980 Fuego obeyed that logic: the base model came from the Renault 18 while the style of its lines, reinforced by a black strip that merged into large rounded rear, was totally new. It bore the signature of designer Robert Opron and boasted a drag coefficient of 0.34, a powerful sales argument in the aftermath of the oil crisis. It struck a good balance between comfort, roominess, and the sports-car feel, and came with several engine sizes – from the 1.4 litres of the TL versions and the 2 litres of the GTX models.

Another special feature of the Fuego was its fiery, snappy-sounding name, a clean break with the practice of naming cars by number – launched in 1961 with Renault 4. It reflected a car with temperament, particularly in evidence in the turbocharged version which was released in September 1983.



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