Alpine A106

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Alpine A106

This smart little coupé, designed by Jean Rédelé, was the first to the bear the illustrious name of Alpine, soon to be revered for its distinguished performance in rallies all over the world.


As the son of a Renault dealer in Dieppe, Jean Rédelé was in a good position to indulge his enthusiasm for motor sports. At the wheel of standard and 1063 versions of the 4 CV, he went from strength to strength, with a category first place at the Mille Miglia in 1952 (with Pons), and a second place overall in the 1954 Tour de France! But Rédelé’s great dream was to develop a small French sports car using standard parts. While the 4 CV was a good car, it was too heavy and not aerodynamic enough. Investigations led him to meet up with the Chappe brothers, coachbuilders at Saint-Maur, who were already familiar with plastic bodywork techniques. Equipped with an eye-catching polyester body built on a 4 CV platform, and named in honour of Jean Rédelé’s win in the ’54 Alpine Cup, Renault rolled out the Alpine A 106 in 1955 (The no. 106 is in reference to the power pack of the 4CV of the 1060 series.) The nifty A 106 made an excellent basis for further development, and over the years it would get a five-speed gearbox and various engines carried over from the Dauphine. This sports car was evidently born under a very good sign, and its early rally successes would prefigure a brilliant future under the Berlinette Alpine name.

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