Renault Estafette

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Renault Estafette

With very little fuss at the time, the Estafette introduced a huge technological upheaval in 1958: front-wheel drive!

October 1958: Though Renault passenger cars remained true to the traditional “all-rear” configuration, the Estafette very discreetly introduced a major turnaround for Renault, in bringing in front-wheel drive. In the light commercial vehicles segment, Renault needed to find a response to Citroën’s Type H, a low-loading van with flat floor, achieved by placing all the drive subsystems at the front. The result was the Estafette, a smart, practical van (complete with sliding driver’s door) that came across as such a modern vehicle as to almost outdate Renault’s passenger car range, including the brand new Frégate Manoir estate! It was available in a wide range of engine and coachwork variants, including an extra-high version with roof in stratified polyester, derived from Renault’s experience in railcar design. The Estafette was such a well-engineered vehicle that it would go on to enjoy a 20-year career, with production reaching half a million.

Above all, this hard-working little van had opened a breach in Renault engineering practice: three years after the Estafette was released, front-wheel drive took a firm hold in Renault passenger car design, with the Renault 4.

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