F1 R25

Period : Globalisation
Theme(s) : Sport

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F1 R25

For 2005, Renault F1 Team was officially aiming for the world championship title, and would be sparing no effort to reach this goal. Fisichella was back alongside Alonso.

The new car boasted an innovative front suspension system and optimized aerodynamics. And there was a new engine capatale of running in  two successive grands prix.

Despite unbelievable pressure from Schumacher with Ferrari and, above all, Raïkkonen and Montoya with Mc Laren Mercedes, Alonso finished champion driver (with seven wins, eight podium finishes and six pole positions) and Renault champion constructor (with eight wins and ten podium finishes).

This was the first time ever that a volume carmaker had won both Formula One championship.

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