Renault 19

Period : Globalisation
Theme(s) : Popular success

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Renault 19

Introduced in June and marketed in September 1988, the Renault 19 is the new car “voiture à vivre” or “livable car”of Renault. For the benefit of finishing and manufacturing it offers and its promise 'zero defects', the Renault 19 becomes the first car of total quality at Renault.

The Renault 19 seduced and reached (managed to capture) significant market share in Austria and in Germany where it is one of the most foreign cars sold.

In 1989 the Renault 19 was voted best car of the year in Spain and later in 1993 will be in Argentina.
Throughout its career, the Renault 19 was available in several versions. Not less than 15 versions are available roughly a little over 70 models based on combinations of option. In 1996 the Douai plant produced the last Renault 19.

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