Renault F1 R24

Period : Globalisation
Theme(s) : Sport

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Renault F1 R24

The R24 was Renault’s response to new rules. A transitional car, it helped Renault on the way to the world title in 2005.

Since Renault staged its Formula 1 comeback under its own name in 2002 it has made considerable progress. It took only until 2003 for Fernando Alonso to secure a first win for Renault, who finished fourth in the constructors’ world championship. New rules the following year required a single engine per Grand Prix race weekend. Seeking to improve reliability, Bernard Dudot introduced a narrower 72° V-engine block to replace the wide-angle 111°. With its carefully designed aerodynamic design the R24 was now one of highest-performance cars in the line-up with the mercurial Alonso and the experienced Trulli at the wheel. However they had to contend with a Ferrari team at its peak as well as  BAR-Honda, who were coming good at the end of the season. Jarno Trulli still managed to clinch a superb victory at the Monaco Grand Prix, but left top spot to Jacques Villeneuve after the Italian Grand Prix. Renault’s third place in the constructors’ championship stood it in good stead for the world title it would soon lift.

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