Renault 40 CV des records

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Renault 40 CV des records

The nineteen-twenties saw an almost obsessive interest in records. Not to be outdone, Renault broke a few of its own with this impressive streamlined 40CV, which would top 190 km/h.

In the nineteen-twenties, every self-respecting carmaker felt obliged to set some kind of record, and the vogue was encouraged by the construction of speed tracks. In France, the Montlhéry track, built in 1924, was the venue for many a stand-off, with much clicking of stopwatches. Renault was as game as any other manufacturer, especially since it had just the car for the job: the flagship 40CV model, with its enormous nine-litre engine.

During an initial campaign in 1925, a virtually standard torpedo broke the lap record at 178.475 km/h, then the 24-hour record at 141.03 km/h. The difference between the two averages is instructive, since it arises from the frequent stops required for refuelling and, above all, tyre changes; this heavy car consumed around a hundred!

But these figures were apparently not good enough for engineers Plessier and Gartfield, who came back in 1926 with a more streamlined single-seater 40CV with radiator mounted behind the engine. The pitstop process had been streamlined too, with a 14-strong team cutting downtime to 50 seconds. This time round, Renault would set a new 50-mile record at an average of 190.013 km/h and a new 24-hour record at 173.649 km/h.

The car on show is an exact replica of the record-breaking car, built in the nineteen-seventies.

Owner: Edouard Pichon

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