Renault Celtaquatre ADC1 Coupe

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Renault Celtaquatre ADC1 Coupe

To answer to the launch of the Traction Avant Citroën, Renault present in 1934 a new model called Celtaquatre more conventional, prefering classicism and security.

The Celtaquatre preserved a traditional architecture with rigid rear wheels and a separate side member chassis. For its time, the style was innovative.

Compact, the Celtaquatre measures less than 4 meters in length. It is based on a confirmed mechanical, powered by a new 1463 cm3 4-cylinder engine.

The original model will change in the following years: new bodyworks types appear including a convertible, a convertible coach and a utility version that will serve merchants and taxis. Alongside the 4 Door sedan, there will be a small coupe whose originality is not lacking in charm.

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