Renault Type JM

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Renault Type JM

Renault’s bluechip model, the 12CV, evolved smoothly and gradually over the years. The 1921 version had to weather the crisis that swept France at the time.

In the aftermath of World War I, Renault rebuilt its range. The new 10CV met the demand for a simple, affordable automobile, while the 1914, pre-war 12CV was upgraded to produce the JM with its bigger, more powerful engine in 1921. The JM was also more compact and boasted new rear suspension. The slump of 1921 saw France in crisis due to its outmoded production methods. Renault’s sales were badly affected. In 1921 Renault sold 5,883 automobiles against 10,700 the previous year.

The company had to streamline its manufacturing practices – like Ford in the USA – in order to cut its production costs and be competitive. Renault went to work. At the same time it continued to put in place its own manufacturing functions with the aim of reducing the number of subcontractors it worked with. As early as 1919, it was already producing its own steel. By the time the slump was over in 1922, Renault was back in business.

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