Renault Type LO Fire Engine

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Renault Type LO Fire Engine

Renault was extensively involved in utility vehicles, typified by this fire engine.


Louis Renault had always been highly attentive to the needs of administrations and special services, and very aware of the importance of these markets. This goes a long way to explaining Renault’s huge range of specialized firefighting equipment. The earliest fire pumps were hand-operated, but after the First World War Renault introduced pumps driven by an internal combustion engine. Higher flowrate and higher pressure made for much more efficient firefighting, and the development was naturally received with much enthusiasm by the firemen themselves!


But the pumps were still very heavy and cumbersome, so the next step would be to develop a light fire engine, fitted with a centrifugal pump that could draw water from a depth of 4.80 m and achieve flowrates of up to 80 cubic metres per hour with a head of 60 metres. Renault would continue to extend its range of firefighting equipment over the years. Production of Renault-branded fire engines was eventually wound down with the outbreak of the Second World War, though Renault would remain a major supplier to companies specializing in the manufacture of firefighting equipment.

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