Renault Type NN1

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Renault Type NN1

By the early twenties, Louis Renault had begun to realize the mass-market potential of the motor car. Drawing inspiration from the US model, he rationalized the Renault production system and stepped up plant output, opening the way for the highly successful NN.

Referring to Fiat and US makers, Louis Renault aptly remarked that “In tomorrow’s society, only the biggest companies will be able to match up to the foreign giants”. This observation led him to modernize the Renault production system at the Billancourt site, in order to reduce production costs. Addressing fast-rising demand for mass mobility, 6CV production topped 200,000 units, with the 1922 Type KJ followed by the MT and the NN in 1924. The NN was the biggest-seller of this popular 6CV series. Renault advertising of the period played heavily on sporting records and other motoring feats. In 1925, Renault six-wheelers crossed the Algerian desert from Colomb-Béchart to Gao. And in 1927, the year of Charles Lindberg’s solo Atlantic flight, a 6CV torpedo drove 18,000 km in 36 days carrying no spare parts (oil drum excepted). Market success for the NN was won through a combination of high-profile exploits, booming demand, robust, straightforward engineering, and close-cropped pricing.

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