Renault Viva Grand Sport Coupe

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Renault Viva Grand Sport Coupe

Last version of the Viva Grand Sport, the BDV1 type is presented at the show of October 1938.

The coupé version, which had been removed from the catalog, reappears and benefits from the technical improvements made to the 1939 6-cylinder models and their characteristic details such as the chrome-plated horizontal blade grille and the headlights fitted to the front fenders.
Its 6-cylinder engine of 4.1 liters, its aerodynamic line, its finish and price of 58,000 francs in 1938 - equivalent to the current 2.9 million euros (Insee)! - make it a prestigious model praised by the press: "The 6-cylinder Viva Grand Sport are luxurious and powerful models. As for the finish, the luxury, the good taste of the proposals and the presentation, they have been sanctioned for a long time by the unanimous opinion of the users who have recognized in this car all the qualities of the French genius "( L’Illustration).

The Viva Grand Sport coupe, which came out of the factory on 24 May 1939, was one of the last models manufactured by Renault before the war, since their manufacture ceased in September 1939 when France entered France in hostilities.

The exhibit is entirely original (with the exception of a hydraulic brake system installed at the time). Immobilized for 50 years, it displays only 22,000 kilometers and was only the subject of a cautious restart a few years ago. This rare car - the number of survivors is estimated to be less than ten - entered the Renault collection in January 2017.

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