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Renault Viva Grand Sport

As cars became faster, designers inevitably turned their attention to streamlining, to such an extent that aerodynamics became something of an obsession during the nineteen-thirties.

Engineering developments during the thirties brought a tremendous increase in automotive power and speed. At the same time, intercontinental air flight was becoming an everyday reality, and engineers and motorists alike would look to the world of aviation for inspiration. As a result of these two trends, aerodynamic streamlining became a major vogue. For Renault, the turning point came at the 1934 Paris Motor Show, with streamlined design becoming apparent on the Viva and Nerva ranges. Sister models in the six-cylinder Viva range were the shorter, more powerful Vivasport, and the sleek Vivastella. These two design influences would merge in 1935 to produce the Viva Grand Sport, a very neat, well-balanced car with smooth, uncluttered lines, available in several closed and open-top versions. The advertising campaign for the cabriolet version invited motorists to “experience a new joie de vivre with a Renault Grand Sport”.

As the eight-cylinder Nerva models declined, as a result of the difficult economic conditions of the recession years, the powerful, comfortable, easy-to-drive Viva Grand Sport would end up topping the Renault range. And, with various enhancements, it would keep this position through till 1939.

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