From the conception of its first car with its direct drive transmission system, Renault has always focused on innovation. This strategy allowed Renault to always offer more effective cars to its customers.

  • Renault Type A

    Renault Type A

    Though it became the foundation stone for a huge industrial empire, the very first voiturette, designed and built by…
  • Renault Type B

    Renault Type B

    Not content with providing people with a means of travel, Louis Renault was also concerned with their comfort. In 1900…
  • Renault Type G

    Renault Type G

     Carmakers in the early twentieth century stepped up release of new models in response to rapid developments in…
  • Renault Type CH

    Renault Type CH

    The Renault type CH was built from 1910 to 1912. In the history of Renault, this model’s birth year will always be…
  • Renault Road Sweeper

    Renault Road Sweeper

    This surprising Renault road sweeper type DM dates back to 1913 and is a precursor of today’s modern urban street…
  • Renault six-roues Type MH

    Renault six-roues Type MH

    Renault introduced this six-wheeler type MH at the beginning of the 1920s with a view to crossing the Sahara…
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