Concept Car Scenic

Period : Globalisation
Theme(s) : Innovation

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Concept Car Scenic

Covering the middle ground between Clio and Espace, the Scénic concept-car exhibited in 1991 prefigured the already gestating Mégane Scénic that would so successfully address the shifting expectations of family motorists.


With the Scénic concept-car unveiled at the 1991 Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault made a very powerful statement on three themes that would guide its production over the years to come: space, comfort and safety. Despite their revolutionary sophistication, the concept-car’s many innovations would prove perfectly viable in the very near future. The first big surprise was the format itself: this was the first compact MPV, a mid-sized vehicle capable of comfortably accommodating the whole family, with its novel management of interior layout. Sliding doors ensured comfortable access, seatbelts were specifically designed for child passengers, and the drowsiness alert system put a very strong emphasis on vehicle safety. Renault also took a leap forward with its fast-growing image for innovation, introducing features like revolutionary air-conditioning and navigation systems, and dynamic load adjustment. Renault would put this design study to good use, following through very shortly with Mégane Scénic, the first compact MPV on the market.

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