F1 Type FW15

Period : Globalisation
Theme(s) : Sport

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F1 Type FW15

With the arrival of Alain Prost in 1993, Williams-Renault strengthened its grip of the Formula One championship.

Williams-Renault changed its team 1993. Alain Prost took over from Nigel Mansell, who had dominated the scene the previous year, and was ably seconded by Damon Hill, son of the famous champion Graham Hill. The talented Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna stayed with McLaren, whose car was powered by a Ford V8. The Prost-Senna stand-off promised to be thrilling! On the technical front, delicate adjustments imposed by the new regulations would raise a great deal of uncertainty as to the season’s outcome. Prost’s early triumph over Senna in the first Grand Prix proved deceptive, since the subsequent races were much heavier-going. Even so, the French driver stayed ahead from mid-season onwards, to get his fourth world championship conductors' title and to bring Renault the world championship constructors' title. Prost’s team-mate Damon Hill finished third, behind Ayrton Senna. It was a fine season for Renault. The partnership with Williams was proving highly productive. And constant enhancements to the V10 RS5 engine (which also powered the Ligier team) ensured it never scored less than eight points in any race.

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