Nervasport des Records

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Nervasport des Records

Ten or so years after the world records set by the Renault 40 CV in 1925, then in 1926 with a slightly more streamlined model, Louis Renault asked his specialised teams in to once again work on a record-breaking car.

The rules were simple: the engine would be a standard one taken from the assembly line, the body would be supported by a wooden frame on a standard chassis and the bodywork would be specially designed by an engineer specialising in the aerodynamics of racing aeroplanes. The project would be implemented by the drivers Roger Quatresous, Louis Fromentin, André Wagner and Georges Berthelon, headed by Auguste Riolfo.

The Nervasport to be used as the reference model for this record- chasing machine would combine exceptional power and aerodynamic qualities. The target record was 6,300 kilometres in two days at an average speed of over 132 kph. The car was extremely narrow and very streamlined, and the drivers drove non- stop in three-hour shifts on 4 and 5 April 1934, on the Montlhéry circuit. On 5 April, after 48 hours, 3 minutes and 14 seconds of driving, the Nervasport crossed the finishing line having broken nine international records and three world records, including: 8,037 km in 48 hours, i.e. an average of 167.445 kph

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