The first Renault car appeared in 1898, eight years after the advent of the first motor car in Europe. This appearance was down to one man, Louis Renault, a pioneer who chose innovation and competition to get himself noticed at a time when a large number of entrepreneurs were going down the same avenue. During the Belle Epoque, Renault made an increasing number of technical discoveries, dared to launch new products such as lorries and buses and aircraft and boat engines. Its renown grew fast, firstly thanks to the reputation of its cars, recognised as the French specialist in luxury goods, and secondly its reputation as the manufacturer of the taxis seen driving up and down the roads of the biggest cities in the world. Step by step Louis Renault built an industrial production plant made up of factories purchased one after the other in Boulogne, an area to the west of Paris. The First World War provided him with the opportunity to substantially develop his business and to position the company as a major player as far back as then.

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