Primaquatre type KZ8

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Primaquatre type KZ8

Following initial release in 1922, the Type KZ, better known under the names of Primaquatre and Vivaquatre would stay in the Renault catalogue for an unbroken record period of 17 years.

The KZ8 model, unveiled at the 1931 Paris Motor Show, differed from its predecessor in having lower-seated bodywork, which increased interior volume for the same wheelbase. The designers had also removed the sunshield above the windscreeen, to give the car a more modern profile.

In 1930, the KZ won competition honours by leading its category in Ostend International Rally.

The most famous KZ of all was the Type KZ 11, the taxi version of which (known under the name G7) would give Parisians two decades of loyal transport service.

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