Renault 21 Superproduction

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Renault 21 Superproduction

Designed for the French Supertouring Championship, this racing car was a triumph right from its launch. It was entrusted notably to Jean Ragnotti, among other drivers.

Project launch: October 1987. First race: 20 March 1988 and first time on the podium.

Ten races on the calendar, six victories - three for Jean Ragnotti, three for Jean-Louis Bousquet - and, following the championship, positioned just behind the Audi Quattro and Porsche. An impressive performance!

However, all its technical characteristics were new. It included a 430 hp engine, whose power was curbed by a blowoff valve like in Formula 1, it had a 2.35m-long carbon fibre driveshaft, which was also used in Espace Quadra, and wind tunnel tests resulted in highly effective solutions for the car's aerodynamics. A meticulous study of all the vehicle's technical specifications made the 2-litre 4x4 Renault 21 Turbo the best car of the 1988 season.

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