Renault 25

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Renault 25

Renault re-entered the prestige car segment in 1984 with its elegant Renault 25 saloon, which combined comfort, ergonomics, modularity, tireless long-distance touring capability, and grand style.Throughout its career, the Renault 25 would receive a number of upgrades  covering most of the vehicle functions, including equipment, engines, styling (with the phase II release), and on-board electronics (with features like the on-board computer and voice synthesis system).

In October 1987, the Renault 25 received the new 2849 cc V6 injection engine, which featured offset crankpins for better crankshaft balance and computer-integrated control, with electronically coordinated injection and ignition functions. Comfort and response were further enhanced by a high torque response available at very low engine speeds.

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