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Renault 6

Renault's major new vehicle, the Renault 6 was unveiled at the 1968 Paris Motor Show.

The "events of May 1968" did not hamper final preparations for the show. To keep the car a secret, the workers at the Boulogne plants covered the models with tarpaulin so that journalists, who were often seen at the site, were unable to take any photographs!

On the one hand, the car was seen as the ideal way for the Brand to complete its range. On the other hand, it was a formidable weapon in combating Volkswagen and its Beetle and, to quote Renault Chairman Pierre Dreyfus, of "finishing off the Citroën Ami 6". The Renault 6 was in the spirit of the "cars for life and for living" developed between 1961 and 1965; it was therefore far removed from the Dauphine and R8 and wasn't certain to attract interest from their rather traditional customers. A five-door body with a modular rear hatch thanks to the folding rear bench seat, Renault 6 was very similar to the Renault 4, much more practical than elegant, despite an efforts made to improve this area compared with R4. The car was nonetheless described at the time as a four-door limousine (six side windows) with a rear-opening hatch.

The powertrain of the car reflected its roots: the 38bhp, 845cc engine was the same one as used on the old Renault 4 Super. The trim level was somewhat richer than on the Renault 4, especially in terms of the upholstery, which was closer to the comfortable style of the Renault 8 and 10. The dealer network insisted upon describing it as the little Renault 16 to flatter its customers.

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